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Tom Baker, Lighthouse 5

For Tom, the number 5 isn’t a goal, or a lucky number, rather something more unique- it’s a number that seems to have followed him for his whole life.

There are obvious connections Tom learned about as a child: 5 appendages, 5 fingers & toes and the 5 senses.

As he grew older, 5 continued to jump out to him as a significant number; there are 5 rings for the Olympics, Dave Brubeck’s “Take 5”, George Brett’s Jersey (He’s a big fan!), the raised dot on the 5 of a phone, the 5 second rule and so on.

“I always look at my watch at 5 to the hour, or 5 after. Or the speed limit is always 35 or 45 or 55. I’d play pool and the only ball left on the table besides the 8-ball was frequently the 5-ball. It’s just a number that seems to follow me, it’s been apparent all of my life, and to me, that’s significant”, says Tom.

In creating his company, Lighthouse 5,  Tom has 5 “chapters” in his Sales Audit process.

For Tom, the number 5 represents something wholesome and complete. It’s a reminder to follow the process and to stay focused and consistent. Life is cyclical- history repeats itself. As a businessman, recognizing this and identifying a meaning or significance in what some may think of as routine and mundane is maybe what sets Tom apart. He enjoys the stages and process, which are fundamental components to his success.

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