Our Team

Jill Slupe is the founder and CEO of Verde Martin. She has helped hundreds of businesses accelerate sales, improve employee engagement, reduce cost, and increase market share through Verde Martin coaching, events, and educational materials since starting the firm in 2007. Each attendee has accelerated sales as a result, launched new markets/products, expanded domestically and internationally, and improved their bottom lines.

Slupe’s goal is to offer innovative, highly responsive sales services to help businesses grow. Her intrinsic understanding of the sales process results in clients seeing on average a 30% increase in revenue within the first two years following the sales training. Jill is the author of Rule of Thumb: A Guide to Sales Strategy and is an adjunct professor of sales and marketing at Midlands University.


Elizabeth Hallgren is a marketing strategy consultant and trainer who helps entrepreneurs and organizations develop, test, and implement business and marketing plans that grow their business. Elizabeth believes that being the expert in your customer is the foundation to growing a successful business.

For the past 6 years, Elizabeth has focused her consulting efforts in the healthcare industry, working with hospitals and clinics to develop customer-centered growth and marketing strategies. She has a keen understanding of the healthcare customer in all its forms, including patient, payer, provider, and employer and leverages that understanding to develop strategies that lead to volume growth.

Lori Benton offers years of marketing experience and can use every tool in her tool belt to help you reach your sales goals.

She spent 12.5 years with a $750M company as Vice President of Marketing Communications where she created success by revisioning the steps of the sale to include CRM, KPIs, and tactical findings. She honed her business foundation skills (mission, vision, values) with Omaha’s Business Ethics Alliance and marketed their first ever revenue generating product while increasing public program attendance by 49%. 

Most recently Lori rebranded iFixOmaha and assisted in opening three new stores.  She also increased the organization’s awareness through – in one year – winning Best of Omaha, obtaining the 40 Under 40 rank for iFO’s owner, earning the Omaha Chamber’s Small Business of the Month for June, and helped to increase iFO’s credibility to be selected by Google to represent Nebraska in their 2016 Annual Report. 

Dan Weber, CEO / Executive Coach of Peak Pathways, L.L.C., coaches executives and teams to successfully manage personal, career and business transitions to achieve their desired goals.  Dan has extensive business management experience in the energy industry, international trade, real estate, manufacturing, technology services and government.

Following over thirty years of successful roles in corporate tax, mergers & acquisitions, strategic planning, operations and finance Dan started Peak Pathways in 2003 to do the work he enjoys the most – helping people to grow and develop to fulfill their potential.  He is an Executive Coach who has experienced the challenges and joys of leading people.  He has felt the numerous demands and pressures of managing a business.  He knows the complexities and thrills of identifying and successfully implementing changes across functional areas.


Dinah Hites Gomez specializes in the use of demographic data and consumer behavior to create marketing campaigns proven to increase product awareness and sales. Ms. Gomez is currently at Pioneer Media, where she manages both print and digital media, including SEO and content marketing. She began in radio as an Account Executive and Sales Manager.  She wrote and produced ads for local and regional clients.  She also created promotional platforms for national clients, including 7Up and Toyota. She transitioned into television to become a leading Account Executive.  She managed local, regional and national accounts.  She also was Sales Manager for two print publications. Ms. Gomez is a skilled copywriter, PR Specialist and Event Marketer.  She is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Greg Ward is a certified Verde Martin Growth Coach. With more than 20 years of sales experience in telecommunications and direct marketing upon which to draw, he is well qualified to assist clients in accelerating sales.

Greg’s career has given him broad exposure to many aspects of sales and selling systems.  He has worked with both local small business customers and large national accounts. He has experience with both inside and outside sales. He is familiar with both business-to-business and business-to consumer sales. And he has been part of sales organizations as small as three and as large as 200. This wide-ranging set of skills uniquely positions him to expertly guide business leaders through the sales audit process.

Greg is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Jim Reiff finds satisfaction in the success and growth of small business. He has a colorful background in international assistance with small businesses around the world. He has been in Nicaragua and India to name a few of the places he has worked in and he is most proud of all of his international work. His current specialization is small business development and finance. Currently working with Nebraska Enterprise Funds he hopes that the clients will grow and they will be able to lend more in terms of financial help. He is involved in the Board of Omaha 100 and the Heartland Bike Share. He has 2 children of the age of 13 and 15. In his free time he enjoys reading, traveling and sports.

Denny Minton has over 25 years experience in sales, coaching, mentoring, management, training and development. He built a highly successful insurance and securities practice and was a multi-year MDRT qualifier.  He is co-owner of MintonDickes Consulting, specializing in helping sales and sales management professionals build more dynamic and productive sales practices and sales content. In addition, he has consulted with numerous companies and sales organizations on a wide variety of business development and practice improving topics. He knows what it takes to build a successful sales organization, and he knows how to help producers and managers grow their business. “ I believe in the Cura Personalis approach and if I help enough people succeed in their passions, I will never go without as my upbringing taught me to be a Man for Others.”

Unassuming and steadfast, he does not set your expectations low or high. You’ll soon discover without this approach you wouldn’t experience the delight of Tony Bryant when he delivers more than you asked for. 

As 12-year Owner and Operator of Anything Anymated, a full service web design and e-commerce company based in Omaha, his contribution to Verde Martin’s print and web content management is valuable. His day to day operations involve top notch consultation, and staying competitive by updating customer PHP files to be current and free of hackers. He provides excellence in logo and branding development, 3D digital and print media, web commercials, maintenance, and fun ways to animate your business’ web presence. 

When you consider his brief Disney Animation background, his approach to web design has yet to be tapped for its magic. Originally a traditional artist, he will not abandon his Pratt Institute Film and Animation degree for code. His customers currently benefit from the dynamic merge of character development with logo and web design. He’s serviced over 200 happy clients in California, Arizona, Chicago, New York, Africa, and Dubai.

Mrudula Naida is a research project manager and shares her time between Verde Martin and New York University. She is know for her ability to document processes and drive on-time projects.  Ms. Naida has been managing projects for over four years and is the perfect liaison.