Our Team

Jill Slupe is the founder and CEO of Verde Martin. She has helped hundreds of businesses accelerate sales, improve employee engagement, reduce cost, and increase market share through Verde Martin coaching, events, and educational materials since starting the firm in 2007. Each attendee has accelerated sales as a result, launched new markets/products, expanded domestically and internationally, and improved their bottom lines.

Slupe’s goal is to offer innovative, highly responsive sales services to help businesses grow. Her intrinsic understanding of the sales process results in clients seeing on average a 30% increase in revenue within the first two years following the sales training. Jill is the author of Rule of Thumb: A Guide to Sales Strategy and is an adjunct professor of sales and marketing at Midlands University.


Elizabeth Hallgren is a marketing strategy consultant and trainer who helps entrepreneurs and organizations develop, test, and implement business and marketing plans that grow their business. Elizabeth believes that being the expert in your customer is the foundation to growing a successful business.

For the past 6 years, Elizabeth has focused her consulting efforts in the healthcare industry, working with hospitals and clinics to develop customer-centered growth and marketing strategies. She has a keen understanding of the healthcare customer in all its forms, including patient, payer, provider, and employer and leverages that understanding to develop strategies that lead to volume growth.

Mrudula Naida is a research project manager and shares her time between Verde Martin and New York University. She is know for her ability to document processes and drive on-time projects.  Ms. Naida has been managing projects for over four years and is the perfect liaison.

Ryan Harting Klaus finds satisfaction in the success and growth of small business. He has a sales background assisting businesses with website and marketing execution. He likes the challenge of getting to the root cause of complex issues and finding creative solutions. He has two dogs and in his free time he enjoys customizing action figures, traveling, and performing with Miss Piggy.

An IT Consulting and Services Company providing a wide range of services such as end to end implementation, integration, migration, and training, etc. Since inception, they have helped leading global firms to transform their customer experience through our IT practice.