Why Do My Customers Really Buy?


This month, we will welcome Trent Wachner, Marketing Professor at Creighton University as our guest presenter at SalesTalk.

Prior to teaching at Creighton, Trent spent 12 years in outside sales, management, and strategic marketing. He has worked with companies including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, British Telecom and Telecom China to develop  and execute their marketing  and sales strategy.

Now, as a professor at Creighton University, Trent compiles endless research on the industry and has had articles published in some of the top marketing journals such as The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management and The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Sciences.

Trent’s combination of professional experience and research  enables him to produce predictable  practices for businesses as well as give his students a real life look into the world of business and marketing. That’s why we consider Trent a Marketing expert  and chose him to be July’s Speaker for SalesTalk.

During his presentation on July 18, titled “Why Do My Customer’s Really Buy?” Trent will walk you through how Porsche reinvented itself by understanding their customer’s motivation for buying and how you can use these tools to sell more to your customers. Porsche was chosen for the subject of Trent’s research because their target demographic is the same for all buyers- 42 year old males making 200k +. What makes it interesting, he says, is that there are many variations of motivation from that same group. By studying their customers’ motivations for buying, Porsche was able to greatly increase heir sales.

Trent’s presentation based on this Porsche research will focus on:

  • What is segmentation beyond demographics and why is it important?
  • How defining a buyers motivation gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Where stereotyping and discrimination is a good thing.
  • Discovering your own motivation of buying (it may surprise you).

“Perfecting one sales pitch for all clients would give you a polished presentation, but probably won’t resonate with every prospect. Customizing each pitch would certainly be effective, but not efficient. Here is where segmentation and psychographics come in. Grouping prospects into buckets based on their motivation to buy allows us to customize our approach based on groups of buyers- a middle ground between customization and standardization. More efficiency and more targeted messages equals more sales.”

This dynamic and interactive presentation will blend Trent’s extensive sales experience with cutting edge research on understanding and selling to your prospects based on their motivations for buying.

Join us on Thursday July 18 from 5-6p.m. at the Alliance Group building to network with fellow business leaders and hear Trent share his expertise on how to sell to your customers more effectively and efficiently.

For more information on SalesTalk or to register, head over to our SalesTalk page HERE!

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