Three Sales Myths You Don’t Want To Fall For


We live in a world full of myths: False information that many believe to be true. In the business world, and sales specifically, there are many common myths. At Verde Martin, we decided to outline three and explain why they are incorrect.

Myth #1: Only A Smooth Talker Can Be Successful In Sales

Being successful in sales involves so much more than just spitting a good game. An exceptional salesperson is knowledgeable, a good listener, focuses on building a relationship with the client and delivers superior results. You don’t have to be a fast talker to be a good salesperson.

Myth #2: You Must Always Be Focused On Closing

Closing the sale is very important. It’s what gets you the deal and brings in your revenue. However, you shouldn’t focus on closing at all times of the sale. At the beginning, it’s about building the relationship: Listening to your potential client to see what he or she wants and figuring out how you can deliver that. Later on is when you can concentrate on closing. Don’t be so focused on closing the sale that you forget to first build the relationship.

Myth #3: Sales Is All About the Numbers

Sales is not just a numbers game. There’s more to this business than making a certain amount of phone calls, following up on a specific amount of leads or going to a set number of meetings. Although an incredibly important aspect of selling, there’s more to sales than number. Selling is also about people. Relationship building is incredibly important in sales, and something salespeople should focus on. For example, instead of making ten cold calls, it is more important to complete five and actually connect and begin a relationship with those potential customers. Quality over quantity because it’s not all about the numbers.

So there you have it, three common misconceptions in the world of sales. You don’t have to be a fast talker to succeed in this business and it’s not all about closing or the numbers. In addition, take a look at this video by sales guru, Jordan Belfort, to hear about a common sales myth dealing with referrals.

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