Saving Time and Money Through Shortened Sales Cycles

Client EPIC Connections wanted to improve company sales, increase leads and cross-sells, and create an overall structure and discipline around their process to help them stay on track. They sought a process with built-in accountability. And, they sought a trainer they could relate to as the process would take a few months. We were excited that they selected Verde Martin.

We trained three key employees at this global customer engagement and contact center consulting company on our Steps of the Sale process, helped them determine which steps were marketing and which were sales, and then how to evaluate them for customer experience value.

Shortened Sales Cycles Save Time and Money

“From what we learned, we were able to shorten the sales cycle for two of our service lines,” said Mary Kay Halpin, Vice President, Finance & Administration at EPIC. “Because of Verde Martin’s Sales Audit training, we can now craft more precise messages for our marketing communications. We learned how to advantageously structure our communications with referral partners and customers, including improving our email campaigns, and streamlining our sales presentations and proposals.”

The Steps of the Sale process helped the team develop their Key Performance Indicators.  KPIs are where accountability comes in as these numbers indicate sales health.  Like a stop light, KPIs illustrate green (good), yellow (be careful), and red (something is wrong). Monitored regularly, tweaking as needed, keeps progress toward goals on track.

One KPI for EPIC is proposal submissions.  A fictional example of a KPI like this would be: EPIC determined they win three new projects out of 10 submitted proposals. They set a goal (another KPI) to win five new projects a month, which means to get these five new projects they must submit 17 proposals every month.

So, number of new projects and number of proposal submissions are KPIs to be monitored.  If they are low, it indicates that tactics higher up in the sales funnel are not effective and need attention. If the numbers are trending on goal, all is well.  If they are higher, it may indicate a tactic up the sales funnel is working magic and more of it should be done! KPIs indicate the current health of the sales plan and progress to sales goals.

Better Defined Markets Save Time and Money

Another integral part of the Sales Audit is defining target markets. Verde Martin helped EPIC more clearly identify their target markets, which led to better informed, specific strategies for these markets.

“We now recognize that our skills and pricing are better aligned with more complex software implementations rather than easier ones. This has impacted who we hire for these jobs,” shared Ms. Halpin.

Over the course of months, we guided and challenged the EPIC team to learn and achieve the level of competence they wanted.  They desired the accountability and to know better so they could do better.

Said Ms. Halpin, “We wanted to learn and develop better habits because we wanted longer lasting results. Verde Martin took the time to really understand our business and guide us through the training. They truly exceeded our expectations.”



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