Public Speaking Can Help Your Business!


At Verde Martin, we love hearing about ways to improve our business and increase sales. We also enjoy sharing these tips with you in our Sales Blogs. We spoke with Heather Legge, founder of Envision Success, to hear why she uses public speaking to increase sales. In this blog, we talk about how public speaking will help your business!

Heather is a business coach and speaker who uses renowned methods to accelerate her clients’ progress towards their goals. When she was first asked to speak at events, Heather recalled being very hesitant. However, over time she learned that not only did she enjoy sharing her message, but also the opportunity for conversation afterwards.

Public speaking has numerous benefits. First, it helps increase your businesses visibility. Public speaking gets your company’s name out there. Heather said that through her speaking engagements, “people get a taste of my personality and what it might be like to work with me.” Public speaking helps spread your company’s name and is a great way to showcase your business.

Second, public speaking helps establish you as an expert in the field. It says a lot about a person if they are asked to speak to an entire group of people about their business. Public speaking increase credibility and therefore establishes expertise.

Third, public speaking generates leads for your business. It is an excellent way to network. You can connect with the people at the event and also ask if they know anyone who is in need of your service or product. Similar to increasing your company’s visibility, public speaking assists you in generating leads.

Last, public speaking is a great way to educate your audience. Through public speaking, you have the opportunity to share information and tips about your business. Public speaking gives you a great platform to educate those around you.

Heather said that through public speaking, people see her, “passion, energy and information” She believes that public speaking helps add value and also creates interest in her company. Public speaking is a great way to grow your businesses visibility, establish expertise, generate leads and educate your audience. All in all, it is an excellent way to increase sales!¬†Make sure to check out this video interview of Heather by Frost Media:

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