Ten Tips To Boost Your Productivity


It’s the middle of the week…only two more days until Friday. Learn how to increase your productivity in the next two days with these ten tips!

1. Create To-Do Lists: At the beginning of the day, decide what needs to get done so that you can leave the office at the end of the day. Decide on a system for organizing and prioritizing your task. Plus, it’s always rewarding to put a big checkmark next to your completed task!

2. Ask For Help When Needed: Oftentimes, it’s difficult to ask for help. We don’t want to bother those around us or we feel stupid for not knowing the answer. However, not asking for help wastes precious time. It’s ok to not always know the answer.

3. Stick To One Task: Although it sounds counterintuitive, multitasking can actually decrease productivity. Instead, focus on one task at a time to be more efficient.

4. Take Care of Yourself: This means getting enough sleep, exercising, eating right and staying hydrated.


5. Find A Mentor: Although often overlooked, mentoring is incredibly important. Mentors can give you advice on how they can best achieve your goals. They are someone to look up to, receive feedback from, and be a role model for your career. Having a mentor will help you increase your productivity at work.

6. Set Goals: We talked about this in our last sales blog. Goals help you identify your objectives, create a plan to attain them and drive you forward.

7. Take Breaks: Studies show that taking breaks hightens productivity. Breaks are a proven way to increase creativity and sustain concentration and energy levels. Just ten to fifteen minutes can do wonders. Plus, who want’s to sit at their desk for hours and hours on end?

8. Find Your Optimal Work Time: Everyone has that time of day when they are most productive. For some, it’s early in the morning. For others, it’s late in the afternoon. Find your productive time and make sure you’re working on your more difficult tasks when it comes around.

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9. Get Rid of Distractions: Whether that means putting your phone away or eliminating applications on your computer, you’ll be much more productive without them.

10. Breathe: Take time out of your day to deep breathe. Center yourself. You’ll find it leaves you much more relaxed and efficient.

By utilizing these ten tips, you’ll increase your productivity and become even more successful in the workplace. Also, check out this video on more tips to increase your productivity.

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