The Power of a Thank You

John Horvatinovich is the founder and owner of Salt88, a modern American restaurant with Mediterranean and Italian influences. Even with his busy schedule, John still takes time to thank his customers. He sent an email to our President, Jill, expressing his gratitude after she dined at his restaurant. Such a simple act, yet it got the Verde Martin team thinking, “how powerful is a thank-you in improving relationships with your customers and increasing sales?”

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John has spent his entire life in the food industry. Since the second grade, he has wanted to own a restaurant. Salt88 is his dream. John has crafted everything in the restaurant, from the name and interior, to each meal and drink on the menu. John also manages the social media and marketing of his business.

John explained, “Thank you’s are important to me because there’s a level of appreciation that you can’t duplicate.” He says that thank you is a lost art in this day and age. Technology has taken out person-to-person interaction. Therefore, John states, “A thank you is one opportunity of a million for us to engage our customers and be top of mind.” John concludes that it’s difficult to say thank you. However, if it is part of your company culture, it is much easier and the benefits for your business are very impactful. At Salt88, thank you is a culture. It is a way to connect with customers and express gratitude.

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The importance of a thank you ties back to sales in several ways. Sales is all about building personal relationships. It’s finding ways to connect with others and eventually convince them to take action or believe a certain thing. So how do thank you’s relate to sales? Because people do business with people that they like. Through thank-you’s, we can express our gratitude. Such a small act but it goes a long way in making people feel appreciated. According to a Ferrazzi Greenlight study, relationship-focused teams grew their accounts at least twice as fast as regular transactionally-focused account teams. Simply put, your business will prosper if you have relationships with your customeres. One easy way to do this is by saying thank you.

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John’s motto of saying thank you has made customers happy, convinced them to return, and created positive press. Just think, this blog all began with a simple thank you. Make sure to check out our video interview of John from Salt88! A special thanks to Frost Media Group for creating this video.


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