Why You Need A Mentor


Mentoring is an excellent professional development tool. Although often overlooked, it is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your career. In fact, it is a tried and true practice, dating back to ancient Greece. In this sales blog, we explore the benefits of mentoring and how you can find your own mentor.

Benefits Of A Mentor

• They are someone to turn to for advice
• They can critique your work and help you problem-solve
• They are someone to model your career off of
• They have knowledge and experience about your company or industry
• They provide you with tips for career growth
• They can introduce you to other professionals

Finding A Mentor

There are numerous ways to find a mentor. You can look within your company or industry, seeking out someone with great experience. Think of a person you admire or who you would like to mirror your career off of. It is important that your goals align with theirs and that you genuinely like and respect them. Before approaching your potential mentor, make sure to think about what you would like this relationship to look like. What would you like to  by having a mentor? How often would you like to meet or talk? Only after considering these things should you approach that person and (hopefully) begin your relationship as mentor and mentee!

You Have Nothing To Lose

Mentoring is an invaluable practice to help improve your career and life. As our very own CEO, Jill Slupe said, “My career has accelerated because mentors have given me great advice that I’ve followed.” There are numerous benefits to mentoring. We hope that after reading this blog, you will consider finding a mentor! Also, take a look at this great Ted Talk on How To Get A Mentor:

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