Increasing Your Customer Base

Following up from last week’s theme on customer service, we decided to explore how your company can increase it’s customer base. Customers are the center of your business and as the old saying goes, the more the merrier. More customers translates into more sales. We’ve outlined four fresh ways to engage your clients and increase your customer base.


Know Your Target Audience

Who is your ideal customer? Which of their needs can your business meet? How are you advertising to them? Identifying your company’s target audience is important because it lays the groundwork for how you can attract them to your business. You want to go after the right customers for your company. Furthermore, it’s important to advertise in a meaningful way, as customers are bombarded by ads and commercials everyday. By identifying your target clients, you can spend the appropriate time and resources on attracting them to your business, in order to increase your customer base.


Offer Quality Customer Service

Last week’s blog outlined the importance of customer service and we had to include it in this blog as well! It’s a simple concept: if your customers are not satisfied, they will take their business somewhere else. Customer service is key to both retaining current clients and attracting new ones. Click here to learn about creating superior customer service.


Have A Weekly Newsletter

Continuing with the idea of engaging your customer, a weekly newsletter helps educate customers about your business or field in a consistent way. Verde Martin releases a weekly newsletter focused on everything related to sales. Plus, it’s free, and what customer doesn’t like that?


Utilize Social Media

Whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, social media is an excellent and inexpensive way to engage your audience. Social media helps your business stay connected with customers. It’s a two way street as you can share news about your business or customers can share their experiences with you. Furthermore, it boosts traffic to your website and search engines, increasing visibility for your company. Last, it creates a loyal community. Customers like to stay engaged with businesses they’re interested in. Social media creates a more personal connection than simply visiting the company website, and is therefore a must for increasing your customer base. Check out Verde Martin’s social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

A Large Customer Base Leads to Increased Sales

Maintaining current customers and attracting new ones is a surefire way to increase your companies sales. By identifying your target audience, offering superior customer service, releasing a free weekly newsletter and utilizing social media, your company can continue to please customers. A strong customer base will do wonders for your company, first and foremost increasing your sales! In addition to our blog, check out tips from small-business expert, Marie Forleo, on how to attract the customers your business wants.

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