How To Move People

Here at Verde Martin, we are in the business of moving people: the business of sales. Sales is all about moving people. It’s convincing those around you to change their attitudes, beliefs or behavior. In this blog, we have outlined four ways to do this: persuasion, entertainment, motivation and education. Also, make sure to check out the videos and commercials that demonstrate these concepts!


Persuasion is defined as an attempt to change a person’s attitude or behavior towards an event, idea, object or person through the transmission of a message. Persuasion does not happen overnight. You can think of it as a slow, step-by-step process. Additionally, persuasion should not be confused with coercion. People are not forced into believing something, but instead choose to be persuaded. A great example of this is exemplified in the Chrysler commercial, which uses persuasion to convince viewers to “Buy American”. Persuasion is one technique to employ when trying to convince those around you.


Another way to move people is through entertainment. It’s a simple concept, provide those around you with a good time and they’ll be more likely to listen to an idea, perform a certain action or buy a product. Think of the Audi “Doberhuahua” commercial. This commercial did not speak of the key characteristics of the car or why it has an advantage over its competitors. Instead however, it provided viewers with an amusing 1-minute clip and briefly mentioned the car at the end. Entertainment is a great technique to use when moving people.


Motivation includes internal and external factors that stimulate a desire in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role, subject or goal. In simpler terms, motivation is the desire to do things. Through motivation, you can excite those around you while convincing them to act in a certain way. What a great technique! Here’s an example of this:


Last is education. Providing useful information can help people make decisions. Communicating the attributes and benefits of a product, service or idea will increase the willingness of a person to try it. Take this Microsoft commercial which educates the viewer about the power of technology

Through the concepts of persuasion, entertainment, motivation and education, you can move those around you. Believe it or not, this is what sales is all about! We are all in the business of sales. This idea has been outlined in previous blogs, but to refresh your memory, we sell things everyday; a new idea to our boss, a pitch to our significant other or a call of action to our friends. So next time you’re trying to move someone, think of what technique to center your message around: persuasion, entertainment, motivation or education. With this in mind, you will be able to craft a better argument, achieve your goals and increase your sales!

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