Creating Your Personal Brand

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My name is Alli Meyer and I am the new marketing and public relations coordinator for Verde Martin! I will be blogging each week on all topics related to sales. This week’s theme is on personal branding and selling yourself. One out of nine people are in sales, but what if I told you that statistic was wrong? What if I said that in fact, every person works in sales.

We Are All In The Business of Sales

We sell things everyday; a new idea to our boss, a pitch to our significant other to go see a movie, or to try the new restaurant down the street. Maybe you’re a parent trying to convince your child to eat peas or go to bed at a reasonable time. Even on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we sell a perception of ourselves to our friends and followers. Through these small actions, we build our image.

You Are Your Own Brand 

Every experience you have with those around you is a lasting brand impression. Whether in social settings, online or at work, it is up to you to craft your own brand and sell yourself to others. Your brand, in turn, can help you achieve your goals; get that new job, land a client you’ve been pursuing, or be promoted to a dream position.

Reaching Your Goals  

This brings me to Verde Martin. I did not formally apply for this job. Instead, I have a background in event planning, have taken part in leadership groups and have interned at several companies. I built up my resume on LinkedIn, posted my internship experiences on Facebook and Instagrammed the events I helped organize. Slowly, I created my brand and began to network. A friend and employee at Verde Martin knew of my love for public relations and marketing, and when she heard of an opening in the company, gave my name to the CEO. And just like that, I find myself at my new desk in Omaha, blogging about the importance of personal branding and the fact that we are all in sales. I am so excited to be working for Verde Martin and believe that aside from luck, it was my ability to sell myself that helped me land this job. So with that, I leave you with something to consider:

What kind of brand are you and how will you utilize it to sell yourself and achieve your goals?

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