Meet Cynthia Buettner- An Omaha Leader in Customer Experience

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We love sales and what we love even more is highlighting individuals and businesses who are making great strides in the sales field.

We want to introduce you to Cynthia Buettner, the Senior Vice President of IT, Marketing and Sales for SAC Federal Credit Union. Buettner has over 22 years of experience in marketing, strategy development, communications, and customer service operations experience. She is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha  and Bellevue University where she received her MBA.

We caught up with Cynthia to learn a bit more about the world of sales at SAC Federal Credit Union.


Verde Martin: How long have you been working for SAC Federal Credit Union?

Cynthia Buettner: I’ve been at SAC Federal Credit Union since May 2011. I first served as a consultant to the credit Union in the area of member experience and technology and then was hired in October 2011 as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Later, IT and facilities were added to my areas of responsibility.

VM:Tell me a little more about your current position as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. 

CB: I am responsible for the IT operations, including the core banking system and our online and mobile offering, the marketing planning and execution, and strategy and product development. I am member of the senior management team and am charged with developing and  implementing the long term planning process at the credit union. I serve on the Assets and Liabilities Management Committee that sets rates and proposes recommendations  on liquidity matters.

VM: As I understand, you have had a significant influence on the company’s growth since starting at SAC. What new programs and services have you introduced?

CB: One of the first projects I led was to determine product profitability and channel costs. We also looked closely at member acquisition costs. Once we were armed with profitability information we redesigned a few products  that weren’t profitable and we developed our Saver’s Advantage Checking product. This product targeted a specific market that we desired to grow and has been a large driver of our recent growth.

On our services side, we have enhanced our banking technology by offering text banking,mobile apps and heightened security for our members. Additionally, on the efficiently side we’ve made  an effort to have full integration with our technology systems. Rather than a manual back-end process we’ve worked to automate where it makes financial sense or where security cam be enhanced.

VM:How did these newly implemented items affect the growth of the company and the sales numbers?

CB: For 2013, our deposits are growing at an annualized rate of 22%, this far exceeds our targeted growth of 12%. We attributed this to our product development, marketing, enhanced sales culture in the branches, and the convenience provided by our branching strategy.

Assets have grown from $573 million in May 2012 to $676 million in May 2013. Membership has grown by 2,355 as compared to the target of 1,666 year to date.

VM: What has been the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome when it comes to your sales at SAC, and what tools did you use to eradicate or repair the issue?

CB: Our hurdle is always time. We have great products and strong sales training but it takes time to implement and fully train and support our personnel. I wish we had more time.

SAC is very good at hiring the right attributes for the position. Sales training has become easier with this approach of getting the right people in the right jobs.

VM: What has been the most critical focus for you in regard to the bank’s sales?

CB: Developing products and sales aid tools that sell themselves! I want the member-facing employee to be able to interview the member and diagnose their needs and then have the perfect product to offer.

VM: And what has been the most rewarding aspect of your job?

CB: I love my job, it is an opportunity for me to work with data to solve problems and innovate so that people have what they need to be successful in their work and their lives. What could be better than that?

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