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Verde Martin is a sales training and acceleration firm that helps business leaders find new revenues, savings, and efficiencies by maximizing the sales process through our own tested and proven Sales Audit system. We do this in three ways: Strategy (in which we advise the client), Training (in which we design customized training and teach classes on a specific topic), and Sales Growth.

A sales audit is like a financial audit that measures gaps in financials. We walk businesses through a series of steps/modules to measure gaps in your sales process.

It’s no secret that sales make the world go round. Selling drives the economy, feeds growth, and pushes innovation. It’s crucial that your business invests in a sales strategy because sales can make or break your business. You can have the best idea or product in the world, but unless you can sell it, nothing happens.

audit-process-graph--horizontal-green  Verde Martin helps you identify your unique sales needs and gaps in your current sales process. We then work with you to design a custom sales program to fill in those gaps and meet the everyday needs of your business, thereby creating an easy-to-follow path to increased sales.

Verde Martin has supported hundreds of for-profit and non-profit organizations since starting in 2007. Our goal is to offer innovative, highly responsive sales audit services to grow your topline revenue!



Sales Audits

A sales audit – our company’s signature service – involves an in-depth look at your firm’s current sales plan. We analyze said strategy, identify possible gaps, and create a custom Strategic Sales Plan for you that, when followed, will help your business reach its goals through sales. The Strategic Sales Plan comes with KPIs and Tactical Findings that provide metrics for measuring success.



Verde Martin provides customized sales training programs for sales, sales management, customer service & other sales support personnel, and business professionals such as owners and top executives. Selling skills are critical to everyone involved in the sales process, and Verde Martin offers a variety of sales training programs for every level of sales experience – from basic workshops for the sales novice to more advanced skill training for the seasoned sales professional. Our sales training programs ensure that your sales professionals have the selling skills and tools needed to strengthen customer relationships and exceed their sales objectives. Click here to view our courses page.


Sales Growth

Verde Martin’s sales consulting services have helped companies around the world excel at critical sales activities such as: selecting sales channels that leverage both direct and indirect paths to market; creating the best sales force structure, territory management, pricing, allocation and incentive approach; and integrating sales and marketing programs with extraordinary results and levels of efficiency. Call today if you have a sales problem. We have helped hundreds of companies gain market share by improving the performance of their sales organizations.


Graphic Design

Verde Martin believes in the power of branding and advocates the use of good design in communicating a brand effectively. Our design team has a portfolio that includes business cards, web design, brochures, workbooks, direct mail, email campaigns, and many other media. Contact us if you have design needs of any kind and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you meet them.



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"Verde Martin has a quality program that produces results."
"Verde Martin's program gave me tools...
to accelerate growth for my clients' businesses."
"[Jill's class] allowed me to...serve our clients better."
"We're [now] more efficient in
what we do as a sales group."
"Jill was able to...make recommendations for us
to implement, thereby improving our sales
by 25%
in the first effort!"
"I have personally observed Jill Slupe work with clients
to help them improve sales in their organizations. "

Kari Hannan | Development Director

Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha

Kari Hannon, Ronald McDonald House Omaha
“I enjoyed your Pitch Pad presentation. Not only has it set a foundation for my own pitch, but has given me incredible insight into the value proposition of the Ronald McDonald House. I walked away invigorated and with a wealth of new knowledge that can be utilized immediately!”
I increased our revenues 65% by auditing our sales process.
Kindra FOster